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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is HALO Technologies?

HALO Technologies Pty Ltd is an Australian FinTech company that develops and invests in cutting-edge financial services products. 


What is the HALO Global Research & Investment Platform?

The HALO Global Research & Investment Platform (GRIP) is cloud-based that has been developed by market professionals who have been actively investing in global equity markets for many decades.

The platform delivers institutional-grade analytical research tools to everyday investors, allowing them to make more informed and confident investment decisions. HALO offers investors global company and market insights coupled with a market-leading omnibus and custody trading interface making it one of the most powerful investment platforms available on the market today.

What is Macrovue?

Macrovue is a global trading platform that provides investors access to over 20,000 shares and ETFs across 23 different exchanges.

Macrovue offers a white-label solution to businesses looking to create their own trading app or their own thematic portfolios. 


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